Future Projects


CMDS Management, along with its sister company, Topgallant Software, seek to demonstrate to Maryland Medicaid and the Behavioral Health Administration how they may truly revolutionize their oversight of Behavioral Health Providers.  Presently, to put matters simply, the State pays for more services than it receives.

Do providers actually know, in real time, whether all their patients have received mental health assessments, HIV tests, and referrals for the same?  Do they know that their clinicians are doing the work required to support various billing codes?  Without "deep" auditing of charts before claims are paid, the State and Medicaid know very little about what their money is buying.  Reviewing in complete details every chart, for every patient, from every provider, every day is a daunting challenge.  Unless, that is, it is done by our software.

Knowing in real time that the State is getting what it is paying for should open the door to higher reimbursement rates for services rendered, at least for providers whose claims are being deep audited by software.

This is just the start of what the proper application of custom software can bring to the State of Maryland.  It can accomplish nothing less than both the improvement of quality of care and, therefore, patient quality of life, but save staggering amounts of dollars in doing so.